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Do the sales reps need training when sales are down? Probably not.

How Artificial Intelligence will Affect Marketing Employment

IStock-539953610This is a first in series of interviews from industry leaders as they look at the future of AI and how it will affect headcount in marketing departments.   Listen to Michelle Huff from Act-On Software.

In this first of a series of interviews on the subject of AI replacing marketing people and departments, we speak with Michelle Huff, CMO of Act-On Software to answer the question.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

For many in B2B and B2C marketing, once they get past the rush of new AI technology, some are wondering how long it will take to automate the entire marketing process (including their jobs).

Dozens of companies are starting up, it seems almost every day, to apply artificial intelligence and the connecting technology of machine learning to provide new ways to market, find prospects, and qualify leads. 

Existing companies are racing to use new AI applications in their own technology to compete by increasing their results while reducing costs and slimming down complicated processes.   Will AI applications lead to headcount reductions as it has in some many other fields? 

About our Guest Michelle Huff

Michelle is Act-On’s Chief Marketing Officer, and oversees the company’s brand, demand, and customer expansion marketing efforts. Michelle comes to Act-On with 17+ years’ experience helping market leading companies, including Salesforce and Oracle, connect customers with technology solutions to grow their business. Most recently, Michelle was GM of Salesforce’s Data.com division after having served as the VP of Marketing for the group. Prior to her tenure at Salesforce, Michelle was a Senior Director at Oracle and a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Stellent (acquired by Oracle). She holds a B.A in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

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