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On Revenue Marketing: Why It's Important

On Revenue Marketing: 

Why It's Important:

"Revenue Marketing is the de facto definition of the role of marketing.  The trouble is most marketing managers don't know it and neither does the C-Suite."

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From the author of "Rise of the Revenue Marketer - Debbie Qaqish

What is Revenue Marketing™? 
Revenue Marketing™ is the combined set of strategies, processes, people, technologies, customers and results that: Drops sales ready leads into the top of the funnel  Accelerates sales opportunities through the sales pipeline Measures marketing based on the repeatable, predictable and scalable contribution to pipeline and revenue Improves the ROI of the sales and marketing continuum. 

 The Issue: C-Level Management Resists Revenue Marketing - Qaqish on SLMA Radio

Revenue Marketing, is a term made popular by Debbie Qaqish, of the Pedowitz Group through her weekly radio program, WRMR PowerTalk Radio for Revenue Marketing™Leaders  and her book “Rise of the Revenue Marketer”, is the guest on SLMA Radio to discuss the growth of the Revenue Marketer in B2B

Lead Revenue Calculator by Dan McDade

Most ROI calculators I see published are flawed. Many of the tools are designed to determine how much revenue an organization needs and where that revenue came from. However, that is overly simplistic and lacks critically important metrics. Revenue projected from the “write content and they will come” mentality is overestimated. The real potential of lead nurturing is ignored. Furthermore, necessary outbound investments are underestimated.

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