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Inbenta believes Key Word Searches are Out - Jordi Torras on SLMA Radio

How Salespeople Benefit from Artifical Intelligence - Sabrina Atienza on CRM Radio

Listen while you work to Sabrina Atienza as she tackles AI benefits for salespeople

IStock-539953610The languages of artificial intelligence (machine learning and business intelligence) are discussed fast and loose by companies  in the Marketing Automation, CRM, Telemarketing and pre-lead  (new oxymoron?) space.  They assert they have a secret sauce that makes their services more valuable for marketing and sometimes even salespeople by using AI.  And yet it may service the prospect/customer and the company, but does it serve the salespeople well? 

The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Sabrina Ateniza

Crm-20170413-atienza-tweetSabrina Ateniza is the Founder and CEO at Qurious, pioneering real-time voice A.I. in the enterprise space. Qurious' first application is to help companies boost revenues by replicating the conversational best practices of their top-performing sales professionals. She's excited about leveraging the latest A.I. technology in new ways to solve massively valuable business problems. 

About Qurious

Qurious is the first real-time voice A.I. platform that enables sales leaders to scale their organizations better and faster, at lower cost. The platform shows real-time battlecards in response to customer’s questions and objections while a sales call is happening. We are on a mission to help sales organizations solve the last mile problem: the connection between a rep and the customer over the phone. Sales leaders wish they had more A-players, so we figured if we could leverage what the top reps say and give “nudges” in real-time to help other reps, we could help sales leaders scale sales performance and help every rep win more deals.    https://www.qurious.io/

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