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Fight Gut Troubles with Qualified Sales Leads

IStock-517312614Gut problems are difficult to discuss in polite company.  Gut issues are creating a growing burden...

on sales managers and salespeople. Symptoms are different from sales manager to sales manager, salesperson to salesperson: bloating, failure to make quota, chronic diarrhea, fear of hearing “No” from prospects, constipation, dishonesty from customers, vomiting before sales meetings and forecasting failures.  It needn’t be that way, marketing  professionals instead of blood tests can diagnose the problem and cure it.

Whoa, can marketing people can solve gut problems?  Of course, every person in marketing, every manager and every specialist, content manager and brand manager, product manager and marketing operations manager has one job, stop sales managers and salespeople from having  gut problems.

Marketing spends a lot of the company’s money to find the most serious, qualified people that need the company’s  products.   Of course, there are a large percent -20-25% that are tire kickers who are interested, but don’t have the money or the authority to make a decision.  Another 20-25% are competitors, students and prisoners and that leaves nearly half of the leads that will buy someone’s product.  These are the ones everyone in marketing is seeking, these are the qualified leads. 

Why it's important

"Qualified leads result in more appointments, more proposals, predictable pipelines and more sales than any other single marketing function except the creation of the product itself."

James W. Obermayer

Qualified leads are the solution to sales gut troubles.  Qualified leads solve the quota issue, the vomit issue, bloating, the sales forecasting issue, maybe even fear and diarrhea. 

Yes, qualified leads solve gut problems not just for sales managers and salespeople, but for CFOs, company presidents, CEOs and investors.  Qualified leads result in more appointments, more proposals, predictable pipelines and more sales than any other single marketing function except the creation of the product itself.

Don’t believe me?   Ask a salesperson.  Ask the sales manager.  The others will agree when they see the results that an increase in qualified prospects will bring. 

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