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ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report -2017 White Paper Review

Title:  2017 Webinar Benchmarks Report IStock-464267113

Published by/Authors:  ON24

Gated:  Yes

Download Link   

Length:  18 Pages


  • 16,418 webinars were measured in the analysis for Jan-Dec 2016
  • 1,000 organizers
  • Three main sections
    • Pre-webinar Benchmarks: promotional cycle, best days to promote, best days for attendance, and best times. SLMA: We are not sure if they quote the best times or the most common times. 
    • Webinar Benchmarks: average viewing time, registrant to attendee conversion (36% for marketing webinars) training and internal communications is higher, but nothing rises above 56%. Interesting average attendee stats, engagement tools, and use of video.
    • Post Webinar Benchmarks: Live only 66%, live and on-demand 6% and on-demand 33%. There is an increasing percentage of on-demand viewing time from 34 minutes in 2015 to 42 minutes in 2016.

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Machine Learning is a Requirement for Marketing Automation - Michelle Huff from Act-On Software

Listen to Michelle Huff while you work!

In this interview with Michelle Huff CMO of ACT-On we learn how ACT-On is using ML to drive decisions that help their users sell more.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

Machine learning” for some is only a buzz word that may or may not have substance behind it.  Defined as a field of computer science, machine learning gives computers that use algorithms the ability to learn from and to make decisions without programming based on data. (Wikipedia)  

About our Guest Michelle Huff

Michelle is Act-On’s Chief Marketing Officer, and oversees the company’s brand, demand, and customer expansion marketing efforts. Michelle comes to Act-On with 17+ years’ experience helping market leading companies, including Salesforce and Oracle, connect customers with technology solutions to grow their business. Most recently, Michelle was GM of Salesforce’s division after having served as the VP of Marketing for the group. 

About Act-On:

Act-On Software is a marketing automation company delivering innovation that empowers marketers to do the best work of their careers. Act-On is the only integrated workspace that powers the customer experience from end-to-end, from brand awareness and demand generation, to retention and loyalty. With Act-On, marketers can drive better business outcomes and see higher customer lifetime value. Act-On is squarely focused on the success of its customers and offers consultant-level quality with everyday customer support. Act-On has been recognized for its superior product and rapid business growth by Deloitte, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine. For more information, visit Act-On Software.

Converse with us on Twitter, circle us on Google+, and get to know our company on LinkedIn and Facebook. For marketing best practices and tips, read our Marketing Action blog. Use #ActOnSW to join the social conversation.

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Beat the odds: Double Qualified Leads from Shows - George Rebhan CEO of LeadValu

How to Double Qualified Leads from Trade Shows

Everyone, yes everyone, knows that trade show leads close faster than any other type of lead (fewer steps in less time).  With the fixed cost of a trade show going in, the challenge is how an average company can get the maximum number of qualified leads.
Why it matters:
Double the number of qualified leads, (which reduces your lead cost in half) and you will increase sales by 100%. Sounds farfetched but not really; our guest George Rebhan of LeadValu tell us how to do it.  

About our Guest  George Rebhan
George is president and co-founder of LeadValu LLC, and an accomplished entrepreneur and product development expert with over 30 years of experience. He’s been part of the founding or executive management team for a number of start-up or early stage companies. George also played a key role in the acquisition planning/strategy and post-acquisition integration for those companies.

About LeadValu

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Is Channel Marketing Just Random Acts of Marketing? Peter Thomas of Averetek - Sales Pipeline Radio



Let's start with what channel marketing is.

  • It is a severely under-resourced segment with most marketing departments. 
  • It's someone that sells your product outside of your organization.
  • It's called many things: local marketing, indirect marketing.

If you pay a person to sell, and they hit the market with a number/goal, you know you either got your investment in them back, or surpassed, or lost the investment. When you go to indirect model: Product/thought leadership at one company
Selling and marketing at another company, so now you have two companies to align.

$1000 invested  - what does that turn into?
Did it convert to $10000 or is it $1000 I didn't get back? 

This makes companies hesitant to invest in it. So, typically companies put one person on the channel marketing.

Example: a $2.2B company with 35K employees, 40% of revenue comes from channel, and they have ONE marketing resource. How can you be effective with that type of opportunity.

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Rant: If you want to be reached, stop hiding! Unless you have something to hide.

If you want to be reached, stop hiding! Unless you have something to hide.

It puzzles me when I look up a company on their website and see that there isn't a phone number listed anyplace on the site (are they a real company?), and there is no "contact us" page or drop down. Many times the viewer can’t see where the company is located (no address).  It is also interesting when the executives hide and there is no entry for them in the corporate directory.   Yes, unwanted calls are the bane of executives, however, I think hiding from callers is only the privilege of the CEO and Company president. 

When I see this it says to me:
• They are small and insecure
• They are afraid of listing a country of organ
• If I can’t know who and where they are why should I do business with them?

These are the same people who relentlessly push the “buy-now” pop ups.   

When I am searching for guests for our Sales Lead Management and CRM radio programs I avoid:
1. Companies without a phone number
2. Websites without a contact us page
3. Companies without a public relations section of their site
4. Companies that don’t list their management team

When these things occur, sometimes it is because the company has been bought out, but more often it indicates a small insecure company.

The incomplete marketing manager: A Story

She said, with a somewhat quizzical look on her face, “What do you mean lead management? We have a CRM system; what else do I need?” This conversation was six months ago.

IStock_000013837268Small FaceElvira* is a marketing manager for a software firm. She’s been on the job for many years, has a staff, and is known for both her technical understanding of the company’s products and her writing skills. To her credit, she embraced the internet early and often. Social media in all aspects is another of her strengths, and she wields it aggressively in all outlets possible.

She uses HubSpot, but suspects that it’s not entirely the marketing automation system she needs, but “it’s getting there.” She has SEO’d her website, but suspects that the agency she uses is weak on this work aspect.

Her approach to lead generation has been moderate with trade shows, forms on the website, some webinars and pay-per-click. She left the choice and management of the CRM system up to a parade of sales managers, who unfortunately have come and gone to such a degree that she no longer names them…they are numbers. When I asked about the CRM system, she said that each new sales manager had his or her own favorite, and the cost and disruption of changing was something that had reluctantly been accepted.

"She said, with a somewhat quizzical look on her face, “What do you mean lead management? We have a CRM system; what else do I need?” 

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5 Ways to Directly Improve Account Based Selling and Marketing – Brian Carroll – CRM Radio

This program interviews Brain Carroll on CRM Radio.  The verbatim transcript follows, however, it may be as easy to listen while you work!

 Announcer:        Welcome once again to another episode of CRM Radio Today; the voice of CRM today and tomorrow. It’s a live streaming weekly program here on the Funnel Radio Channel for at work listeners brought to you by the Sales Lead Management Association and many others with your host Jim Obermayer, hey Jim!

Jim:                        Good morning Paul or I should I say good afternoon.

Paul the Announcer:        Yes, absolutely! Fascinating conversations today here, I’ve been listening to all the different shows here and there’s been themes that have been running through them, little threads running all through all this stuff here and it immediately talks about some of the things we are going to talk about today I guess immediately impacting an A-B selling and marketing systems is what I understand here?

Jim:                        Hi, we’ve got Brian Carroll on today and we’re going to talk about five ways to improve account based marketing and selling. In a world where account based marketing and selling is seems to be permitting so many discussions, every time I turn around I hear someone talking about it, it’s really backed I think by the expanding technology choices that are out there.

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Is Marketing the New Sales Department?: RO INNOVATIONS Says Yes - White Paper Review

Is-Marketing-the-New-Sales-Deptarment-Cover-231x-300-1Title:  Is Marketing the New Sales Department

Subtitle:  Marketing’s Burden: Winning Today’s Buyers

Published by/Authors:  RO INNOVATION

Gated:  Yes

Download Link   

Length:  17 Pages

Highlights:  The authors make the case that because marketing engages the buyer through most of the sales cycle they are responsible for more of the revenue to sale cycle.  Like it or not, RO Innovations is right.   This requires marketing to better understand the customer journey. 

“95 of the buyers chose a solution provider that ‘provided them with amply content to help navigate them through each stage of the buying process."

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Getting a 5x Lift Through Early Engagement - Mari Anne Vanella

600-x600-CRMRadio-20170316-anellaMari Anne will discuss the impact that early engagement has in large enterprise B2B sales cycles.

Topics discussed:
  1. Is BANT relevant anymore for engagement with large B2B deals?
  2. What are some common engagement breakdowns?
  3. Is there such a thing as predictability with engagement?
  4. If a company outsources, what should they consider specifically related to engagements?
  5. Isn’t buying appointments the right thing to do?

About our Guest Mari Anna Vanella

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And People in Hell also want Ice Water: A Cowboy Sales Manager Whines about Salespeople

Some say it is the best story I have told. I told it to Dan McDade's readers on Viewpoint,  The Truth About Lead Generation.   

IStock_000008703366SmallHe stands 6’5” in custom-made cowboy boots and wears a wide-brimmed cowboy hat that cost as much as the boots. Likeable and direct, he pointed a lot and pointing makes me uncomfortable. Jabbing the air seemed like jabbing me in the chest, and as my mother would say, that’s impolite. But I know he is just western, real western, and he didn’t mean anything personal.

It was in answer to my questions about lead follow-up by salespeople that he grumbled, “And people in hell also want ice water.“

“If they just do their damn job and stop whining we’d all be better off,” he said with an interesting whine in his voice. He was frustrated; angry that the marketing spend wasn’t showing the ROI expected, and he blamed salespeople.

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