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How to Double Qualified Leads from Trade Shows

Everyone, yes everyone, knows that trade show leads close faster than any other type of lead (fewer steps in less time).  With the fixed cost of a trade show going in, the challenge is how an average company can get the maximum number of qualified leads.
Why it matters:
Double the number of qualified leads, (which reduces your lead cost in half) and you will increase sales by 100%. Sounds farfetched but not really; our guest George Rebhan of LeadValu tell us how to do it.  

About our Guest  George Rebhan
George is president and co-founder of LeadValu LLC, and an accomplished entrepreneur and product development expert with over 30 years of experience. He’s been part of the founding or executive management team for a number of start-up or early stage companies. George also played a key role in the acquisition planning/strategy and post-acquisition integration for those companies.

About LeadValu

LeadValu provides everything needed to capture prospects, gather their data, turn them into leads and deliver measurable ROI at B2B events and trade shows. LeadValu customers lower their overall event expense while attracting higher quality leads. They can determine the ROI on their trade show investment and better target shows that make business sense.  LeadValu provides the ability to report these metrics and tie exhibition activities directly to sales. With LeadValu you leave each event not with just a list of names but with a roster of qualified leads.

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