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3.4 Million Lead Research = The Ultimate Contact Strategy for Inside Salespeople - White Paper Velocify

Ucs-3d velocify Slma-recommended-125x125Title:  (The) Ultimate Contact Strategy

Subtitle: How to Use Phone and Email for Contact and Conversion Success – Sales Optimization Study

Published by/Authors:  Velocify

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Length:  10 Pages PPT Format


  • The study is derived from the data of 3.5 million sales leads
  • The paper reveals that the right volume and frequency of calls and emails yields optimal results
  • The company visited previous research to refresh data and confirm current results and recommendations
  • Study Methodology page 3
  • Figure 1: The impact of Speed-to-Call on Conversion: Hint, it drops from a likelihood of 391% in the first minute to only 17% in 24 hours. This one will make you weep about lost opportunities.
  • Figure 2: The 6th call equals success 93% of the time (if your sales people give up after the first call you are missing out on half of the sales opportunities).
  • Figure 3:  Optimal Call Strategy: Knowing when to make the calls makes the difference.
  • Figure 4:  Optimal Email Strategy: “Prospects who receive emails have a 16% higher chance to be contracted by phone, yet 59% in our study didn’t receive a single call.” I know this one to be 100% true.
  • The Ultimate contact Strategy: Charted out for you. Follow-it and win.
  • Takeaways: 5 Winning strategies.
  • SLMA Comments:   

    For inside sales teams, Velocify offers research that shows a road to success that cannot be refuted.   

    Why It’s Important:

    “The Ultimate Contact Strategy by Velocify is an automated process, run by software guiding salespeople to do the right thing, at the right time, every time.”

    James Obermayer

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