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THE OUTLOOK FOR B2B TECH MARKETING in 2017 - White paper from the Arketi Group

ARK-the-outlook-for-b2b-marketing-in-2017Title:  THE OUTLOOK FOR B2B TECH MARKETING 2017  Back to the Future

Published by/Authors:  Arketi Group

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Length:  19 Pages

Highlights: Results of its 2016 40 Company Roundtable

  • B2B Marketing is expected to generate $161 Billion in US Spending (research firm Outsell).
  • There are said to be 3,000 technology solutions for marketing
  • Marketing Technology is expected to be a $120 billion industry
  • Content Marketing is King: But where is the story? Strong opinions here. Is it a wished for foundational plank or reality?
  • Video or it didn’t Happen? Is cheap video worth it?     Forbes quote.
  • A Tsunami of Technology Tools: There needs to be a Yelp for tech tools. More tools may not be better.  The holy grail of marketing is…
  • No School like the Old School: Fax? What’s that?  It works?  Media Tours?  Still viable.
  • Last Words:

Why It’s Important:

“Even with the lightning quick changes technology has wrought over the last ten years, elements of good storytelling remain unchanged, marketing ingenuity can still win the day, and the best technologies are only as good as the people using them.”

Mike Neumeier - Arketi Group

SLMA Comments:

We agree with one attendee: “Too many tools, too little content and not enough bright people to help us craft strong messages and write great content.”   Worth the read, not all about the authors but about their round table end users.

There are a lot of opinions from the attendees and not just opinions of the author.


Recommended for: 

  • President
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • VP Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Operations Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Content
  • MarCom
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Operations Management

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