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Selected Internet Trends, Stats & Facts in the U.S. and Worldwide 2017 from vpnMentor

Go to vpnMentor to see the full infographic.   Portions of the graphic are offered with permission. 

Internet Traffic Statistics

There are 3,700,000,000 internet users in 2017.
Internet users in the world

Asian nations account for almost half of the world’s internet users.

internet trends - vpnMentor


Internet Trends: Search and Social Media

Most Popular U.S. Online Activities

In the U.S. last year, communication activities such as email (almost 91%) and instant/text messaging (86%) dominated.

internet trends - vpnMentor

Content Management System Trends

WordPress continued to win content management market share with nearly 60%. The No. 2 system, Joomla, had a 5.9% market share.

internet trends - vpnMentor

Global and U.S. E-Commerce Trends

Statistics on Internet Research before a Purchase

People between 18 and 35 years old do the most online research via mobile devices.

internet trends - vpnMentor



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