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Salaries: Sales Operations Manager

IStock_000016192221SmallSales operations has always been and is increasingly an important position with B2B and B2C companies.  We have taken information from Payscale and Glassdoor.  Click to find out more information. 

Payscale: Human Capital   

Sales Operations Manager Salary   

(United States)

The three highest-paying cities for Sales Operations Managers can all be found in California: San Jose, San Francisco, and San Diego. Overall compensation packages to Sales Operations Managers range from $45K on the low end to $116K on the high end; this includes bonuses that peak near $20K and profit sharing that approaches $16K, with some high rollers snagging commissions as high as $30K. Residence is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by experience level. Most enjoy medical while a strong majority get dental coverage. Vision coverage is also available to the greater part. Most Sales Operations Managers report high levels of job satisfaction. Women make up a slight majority of Sales Operations Managers (51 percent) survey respondents. Figures cited in this summary are based on replies to PayScale's salary questionnaire.

MEDIAN: $69,299

Sales Operations Manager (United States)

 Job Description for Sales Operations Manager

Sales operations managers oversee the training, management, and support of sales teams within an organization. They are usually heavily involved in interpreting and analyzing customer and sales data within the relevant software systems.

As with almost any office job, basic computer literacy is a must; they also have to know how to use sales team management and customer relationship software. In many companies, the sales operations manager must also be deeply familiar with database and spreadsheet software to analyze trends and identify possible areas of improvement. The training and management aspects of the job mean that sales operations managers must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. The ability to motivate and incentivize the sales team is essential.

Sales operations managers usually work in an indoor office environment, with several sales employees reporting directly to them. They must report to senior management and executives about problems or opportunities in their department. The job is almost always full-time. While most customer contact is performed by the subordinates of the sales operations manager, he or she may have to communicate with customers directly when there is an issue or specialized need.

As a management position, this job is not available to entry-level applicants. Candidates usually need at least two years of experience in a relevant position, along with some management experience. Frequently, the applicant must have a bachelor's degree, although some positions require only a high school diploma or GED.

Sales Operations Manager Tasks

  • Define company sales strategies to ensure profitability and continued revenue growth.
  • Review and analyze sales data to discover areas needing improvement.
  • Produce revenue forecasts and devise methods of making more accurate predictions.


Sales Operations Manager Salaries

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Updated Dec 21, 2016

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How much does a Sales Operations Manager make? The average Sales Operations Manager salary is $85,888. Filter by location to see Sales Operations Manager salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 1,165 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Sales Operations Manager employees.

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