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Mistakes in Customer Success Programs

Most common mistake in customer success programs


Metrics that she reports on to her management team including what a CSQL is in the demand generation sales funnel and also what the most common mistake she sees companies make in their customer success programs.
The program host is Steve Gershik of Koyne Marketing 

About our Guest: Allison Pickens

Allison is an industry-recognized thought leader on Customer Success and on scaling teams during hypergrowth. She leads Customer Success at the leading Customer Success software company, Gainsight. She runs all post-sales functions, including CSM, Services, Support, Customer Marketing, and Operations.

Allison was recognized as a top 50 sales leader: https://medium.com/tradecraft-traction/50-people-you-should-know-in-sales-bd-494ba5b3f621#.2a6sizw0d

Follow her blog posts on Customer Success best practices at @PickensAllison and here: http://www.gainsight.com/customer-success-management/?category=top-posts

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