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9 Answers for Salespeople’s Stupid Questions

IStock_000018770059SmallWell, maybe ‘stupid’ is too strong a word, but these are common questions and as a marketer or sales manager you should have the answers.

  1. “Half of these leads are no good.”

Answer:  True - half are no good because slightly less than half will buy in one year.  The problem is, only YOU can determine which half will buy.

  1. “It takes too much of my time to use the CRM system.”

Answer:  Once information is entered into the CRM system, it saves you time -    time spent on manual forecasting; time spent looking for names and numbers to call when you promised to call; time spent following up on leads pumped into the system automatically from the web, the marketing automation system, trade shows, etc.   CRM is a time saver. 

  1. “Do I have to call all of the leads you give me?”

Answer:  Yes, you have to call all of the leads we give you because we spent money on your behalf to find these people. Only you can separate out the 50% who will buy from the 50% who won’t.   

  1. “How many times do I have to call a lead before I give up?”

Answer:  Some people would say until the person buys or dies.  Others who are more realistic will say call six times and email six times, and then close it out.

  1. “Do I have to follow up on leads that don’t supply a phone number?”

Answer: Yes. Find the number.

  1. “Why should I call this guy? He’s inquired before but never bought.”

Answer:  He probably didn't buy before because you didn't follow-up before. If he or she has inquired before, he knows you.  You have a better chance to sell to someone you know than someone you don’t know.  A prime rule of sales is that all things being equal, people buy from people they know.  All things being unequal, people buy from people they know.  

  1. “Why should anyone who hasn’t agreed to buy be put on the forecast?”

Answer:  If you want to wait to put someone on the forecast until they agree to buy, that’s called a sold report. Of course put prospects in the pipeline in the correct stage.  Kill them off as soon as they say they won’t buy.   This is why it’s called a sales forecast.

  1. “Shouldn’t a one-week turnaround be good enough for a proposal?”

Answer: If you speak to someone who wants a proposal, give it to them the same day, when it’s fresh in their mind.  If you wait a week, they won’t remember who you are.  They may have also already made a decision favoring the other salesperson who responded the same day.   Read Andy Paul’s book, Zero Time Selling.

  1. “If they haven’t answered the budget question, do I have to follow-up with them?”

Answer:  There is one universal truth about prospects.  They lie.  They evade.  They mislead.  They won’t tell you if they have a budget because they’re afraid of you.  Until they accept you as a partner in the buying and selling process, they seldom answer the budget question.  Assume they are budgeted or they wouldn’t inquire. 

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