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2017 Marketing and Sales State of the Industry Report: Fusion Marketing Partners, White Paper Review

2017-State-of-the-Industry-B2B-Marketing-CoverTitle:  State of the Industry Report 2017  Trends in B2B Marketing and Lead-to-Revenue

Slma-recommended-187Published by/Authors:  Fusion Marketing Partners

Gated:  Yes

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Length:  12 pages


  • The authors surveyed ,1425 marketing and sales pros
  • Brand Awareness: 68% of the respondents feel that their product or company brand contributes strongly or very strongly to revenue. The authors feel B2B companies over-estimate the strength of their brand.
  • Sales Process: 88% of the respondents feel there is a better than average chance of examining the sales process in the next year. And yet there are contractions later in the report.
  • Effective Lead Management: See the report on this one!    It is tragic.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: What percentage of leads come from marketing? A sales and marketing alignment eye opener.
  • Lead Flow: Can be better.
  • Marketing Budget: Would you believe under spending?
  • Customer Acquisition: Cost - Increasing or decreasing?  Forbes quote from John Hall. 
  • Content Investment: Going up a surprising amount.
  • Technology Investment: Marketing Automation observations.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Too few are being tracked.
  • Challenges to Lead-to-Revenue (L2R).
  • SLMA Comments:   

    1. There is something in this for every title.  
    2. The survey has substantial credibility because of the sampling size.  
    3. This deserves a careful reading and each B2B marketing department should  question their practices and judge their programs against the findings.  
    4. Each finding comes with a Suggested Action which is not self-serving for the authors. 

    Why It’s Important:

    "You don’t know what you need to know and this research tells you what you need to know to be competitive." 

    Sales Lead Management Association 

    Recommended for: 

    • President
    • CFO
    • CSO
    • CMO
    • VP Marketing
    • Director of Marketing
    • Marketing Operations Management
    • Lead Generation
    • Digital Content
    • MarCom
    • Sales Managers
    • Sales Operations Management

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