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Gabriel Buck’s Predictions: Adapting to Rapid Changes and Meaningful Integrations Are the Key to Success in 2017

IStock_000038306980LargeSoftware-as-a-Service providers, especially in the sales category face mounting pressure and stiff competition.  What will software and service companies do to overcome these obstacles in 2017 and set themselves apart in a crowded market?  More importantly, what will a company that relies on sales lead management or sales solutions be looking for in 2017 to give them a competitive edge?  What does this all mean for salespeople who use these applications?        

Why its Important

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkvAAAAJDM1YTY1MzU3LTNiNWYtNDhiYS1iMzllLTgwMmFjMGQwYzI4MA “I think you will find more software companies creating alliances and partnerships to offer best of breed applications that are fully integrated.   You have already seen this happen with major CRM players that have deeper integrations with marketing automation platforms, communication, and lead management systems.  I know of telephony providers that have integrated with customer communication platforms, anticipating the increased demand of lightning fast communication in non-traditional channels.”     

-Gabriel Buck CEO ClickPoint Software


 Build Meaningful Integrations

In other words, sales enablement software providers will be forced to look at deeper and more meaningful integrations.  Enterprise customers that buy sales and marketing software make their selections based on integration capabilities and this demand has created an opportunity for the companies that embrace it.  There is not an effective, single solution that does it all.  Enterprise clients now rely on best of breed solutions for: email nurture, lead scoring, data appending, CRM, lead management, cloud communication, and more. 

Invest in Anticipatory Customer Support

Technology is only as good as the service that supports it.  Software companies in the sales sector, as well as salespeople, will need to focus on anticipatory customer support, not the same old reactive support of yesteryears.  Customer support, timely communication, and hands on experiences with your products and service are what customers will demand in 2017.  Staying ahead of the curve will require a deep understanding of your customer, how they want to be serviced, and the best communication route at the right time to respond to their needs.           

Salespeople Adapting Rapidly

Customers purchasing in both B2C and B2B verticals want answers now, more content, and to get their hands on the things they want to purchase before they commit.  Salespeople in both B2C and B2B markets are having to learn new methods of communication and collaboration with their prospective customers.   

Buying cycles have completely changed for the better or worse, depending on how you look at it.  Salespeople are now required to adopt new applications that help them spot buyers interested at the right time, not just buyers with interest.  What will salespeople need to do in 2017 to keep ahead of the curve?   

  • Salespeople will need to master multiple communication platforms
  • Salespeople will need to cross sell through alliances
  • Salespeople will need to share opportunities and focus on timely communication rather than lead ownership

The good news is that there is opportunity in every obstacle.  Sales is transforming to offer better service, and sales software is enabling rapid communication through collaborative integrations.  The customer will win, and a better sales process will emerge in the end.  How we get there is just part of the journey, and the companies and salespeople who are most flexible and adaptable will emerge as the big winners in 2017. 

About ClickPoint Software

ClickPoint Software provides cloud-based Lead Management Software hosted on Microsoft Azure.  The ClickPoint solution utilizes sales best practices to ensure leads are called quickly, salespeople are following up on leads, and leads are efficiently nurtured to closed deals.  ClickPoint is committed to engaging customers and partners with amazing onboard and post implementation support.  From its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, ClickPoint has been helping companies both large and small close more leads in less time.  Learn more about ClickPoint by visiting www.clickpointsoftware.com 

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