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Pipeliner Webinar on Sales Management In a Digital Era: Host by John Golden of Pipeliner

The webinar sponsored by SalesPipeliner’s John Golden, tackled subjects avoided by most sales managers with a panel of well know authors and speakers: Andy Paul, Mike Kunkle and Jim Obermayer.  Voices we raised now and again, some ugly truths were told and some surprising thoughts arose in this fast moving program.   Some questions (but not all).

  • How do you convince sales managers and organizations of the need to change and adapt to the Digital World?
  • Has sales management been impacted by the Digital Age? After all some people would just say it is the same as it always was.
  • Do you think these changes are widely known or accepted by sales organizations and sales managers in particular?
  • What would be the top three ways the digital age has changed sales management?
  • Are some salespeople more digitally evolved than their sales manager?
  •  Can a sales organization survive or flourish without a CRM system?
  •  What other problems do you see ahead for the discipline of sales management?

Lots of food for thought here...



Pipeliner CRM is a sponsor of the SLMA. 


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