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Management Tip: Don’t blame your agencies without first scrutinizing how they are managed!

IStock_84714737_MEDIUM“Companies that change  advertising/branding/PR/Content/Digital agencies too often would do well to examine the marketing people directing the agency.  Garbage in, garbage out.   Consider a change in your marketing management before you blame your agency.”  

Agencies take time to learn, mature and figure out what works.

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Clearing up the Confusion of Sales Enablement: Caretsky Listen While You Work!

Sales enablement is a nice catch phrase, but what does it mean?

Slma-recommended-187Too often it means whatever the vendor is selling. There is truth, however, that the term is a signal to everyone that practices it in the company that marketing and sales are working together to improve revenue, reduce the sales cycle and spend less on marketing. To find out more we interviewed Larry Caretsky, outspoken CEO of Commence about the definition and what can be expected from a Sales Enablement strategy. The host this week is Jim Obermayer.  
  • Caretsky said 73% f the CRM installations fail
  • Must have:  sales enablement champion
  • Must map out the sales process
  • Must invest in sales training
  • A CRM tool is the basis for enablement
  • Marketing enablement is a key to winning
  • Enablement often fails because no commitment is made to measure success
Caretsky will be on SLMA Radio on December 10th to discuss Marketing Enablement!

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Voting is Open: 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management

Sales Lead Management Association Invites

Voting for the ‘40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management’

Thousands of Votes Expected for Leaders in Four Categories

  AdViewThe Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced that it has opened the virtual voting booth to decide the ‘40 Most Inspiring Leaders in the Field of Sales Lead Management’ for 2016.   Voters must be members and membership is free. This is the eighth year for the election.

“Those who learn to manage sales leads well sell more than those who don’t,” said SLMA CEO James Obermayer.  “Our members, through this election, recognize leaders in sales lead management who inspire others through their works.  It may be authorship of books, articles, podcasts, radio hosting and/or products that support the organization of the sales lead management process.”

Why it's Important

“Those who learn to manage sales leads well sell more

than those who don’t,”

SLMA CEO James Obermayer

Sue Campanale, vice president of marketing, said, “Our goal is to recognize professionals for their skills in the field of sales lead management because lead management is the cornerstone of building a revenue generating machine.”

What others are saying:

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Pipeliner Webinar on Sales Management In a Digital Era: Host by John Golden of Pipeliner

The webinar sponsored by SalesPipeliner’s John Golden, tackled subjects avoided by most sales managers with a panel of well know authors and speakers: Andy Paul, Mike Kunkle and Jim Obermayer.  Voices we raised now and again, some ugly truths were told and some surprising thoughts arose in this fast moving program.   Some questions (but not all).

  • How do you convince sales managers and organizations of the need to change and adapt to the Digital World?
  • Has sales management been impacted by the Digital Age? After all some people would just say it is the same as it always was.
  • Do you think these changes are widely known or accepted by sales organizations and sales managers in particular?
  • What would be the top three ways the digital age has changed sales management?
  • Are some salespeople more digitally evolved than their sales manager?
  •  Can a sales organization survive or flourish without a CRM system?
  •  What other problems do you see ahead for the discipline of sales management?

Lots of food for thought here...



Pipeliner CRM is a sponsor of the SLMA. 


Cartoons for the Weekend: Lead Management Essentials

You have permission from the Sales Lead Management Association and the Cartoonist, Stu Heinecke to copy and distribute these cartoons as is with attribution!



Cartoons by Stu Heinecke author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, Heinecke explains how you can use your own creative Contact Campaigns to get those critical conversations. 

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There is Work to be Done, but Leadership is Scarce!

And when we find a good leader, someone that mentors us, someone who hires us, someone who trusts us, we seldom recognize them.  We take them for granted.  

Unless of course you take the time in the next 24 hours to nominate a deserving leader in the field of sales lead management.  

This is the industry's only honor for those inspirational leaders in sales lead management.

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