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IStock_84714737_MEDIUMPR can be one of your most consistent performers in the promotional stack!

There are many forms of Public Relations: crises management, press releases,  press mentions, community relations, articles, speaking, and media tours, but PR seldom gets credit for its contributions to sales.   For the average company, PR can contribute as much as 22-23% of  all the sales leads it creates.   (You have to measure all forms of marketing).

I am continually surprised at how often companies think public relations is thought of as just a press release when a new product is announced.  A press program says to the market that your company is alive, progressive, moving forward, and aware.  It can't be the money for PR, it is usually pocket change compared to the return.  It must be ignorance.

When I visit a web site and see few if any press releases, the most recent a year or so old, and no press contact, it tells me a lot about the company and none of it is good.

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