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Why the marketing machine he helped to build is horribly broken: Jim Williams on Customer Marketing Radio

Influitive Vice President Jim Williams and Steve Gershik help build the modern marketing machine while at Eloqua over 10 years ago.  On this show, Jim talks about how the machine they built back then is horribly broken... and what marketers can do today to fix it.   Some of the ground they covered in this interview:

  • Why buyers trust peers above all
  • Why the most important asset for marketing is the least used: the customer
  • Customers in most companies are siloed (ignored?)
  • There is now a wholesale failure of the marketing machine
  • The marketing noise is deafening
  • Any company can assemble a marketing technology stack for few dollars, but...
  • Authenticity comes best in the form of the (current) customer
  • The best companies are outside in and connected to customers
  • Customers in the best companies are part of the organization
  • How to compete in today's market when the competitors seem to all have the same tools

250-CMRadio-20160929-williamsGet to know our guest: Jim Williams

I love working for early stage and growth-oriented technology companies to jump start and scale revenue. I'm a strategic executive who can also manage tactical lead generation programs that generate quality, leads, pipeline and revenue. I'm adept at 'growth hacking' with innovative campaigns, and have experimented in many areas of the modern marketing technology stack. This includes deep experience with marketing automation, including lead nurturing, scoring, website personalization and sales enablement. I've 'seen the light' regarding the power of customer engagement and advocacy, mobilizing hundreds of fans, influencers and customers to refer leads, build brand affinity and accelerate pipeline.

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Influitive’s advocate marketing platform enables companies to activate customer, partner and employee advocates at scale, bridging fragmented customer-focused programs to systematically reach more advocates and get them to do more advocacy.

On the next Customer Marketing Radio ... Blake Morgan, host of The Modern Customer Podcast talks with Steve about how companies can dig in to help make their customers happier and more loyal... and much more likely to lower future customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value.

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