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Bored employees are unhappy employees and build resentment in other team members. Your junior level, interns, assistants want to HELP the company and show their value, but sometimes there are lulls in projects, timelines and business so they are unable to do their "usual" tasks. Time to get them on catch up duty that will help marketing and sales be more efficient. Every industry will have different tasks, but these are pretty basic items that can help all companies streaming file searches, website SEO and social media.

  1. If your website has a media library of images, put them on the task to make sure EVERY image has proper image tags: description, caption - if you use those, alt tags for SEO purposes. They can plow through this with a bit of guidance from you or marketing. 
    1. Descriptions should be relative to the post the image is being used in. 
    2. Names and alt tags should include key phrases, your company name, the person who is in the image, etc.
    3. If you use captions on your website, make sure it is useful for the site visitor. Don't be afraid of humor.
    4. If your images have a "media post" associated with it, these may still get indexed by search and are another landing page opportunity for you to talk about that image and include a link to the actual post it relates to.
  2. Twitter Lists
    1. Have upcoming tradeshows? Recent or upcoming events with registered attendees? Make a LIST that you (Marketing) can monitor to see what those interested and potential advocates are up to. This makes it easier to focus on a specific group and engage with them, rather than your entire news feed, or searching for people one at a time. 
    2. If your lists are private, no one but you can see the name. If the list is public, everyone can see the name and description. If you make it public, make it complimentary and helpful to all and share that list out in a post.
    3. Tradeshows - if they are big shows or conferences, make a list of sponsors, speakers and key people you want to learn more about and connect with directly and personally.
  3. In house media files, stock images and more.
    1. When we buy images, sometimes we don't take the time to tag those images, rename them to something that makes more sense than "adobestock-0023857o.jpg."
    2. Tackle one folder at a time and not only rename the files - carefully so as to preserve file extensions, but also tag them with key words like: isolated, people, smiling, vertical, conceptual, etc. Find a system that works for your company to save time in searching for images when creating graphics for blog posts, social and collateral materials.
  4. Reviewing drip campaigns to make sure they are still current.
    1. First to go in and look at the drafts and preview.
    2. Click EVERY link in the preview to make sure they resolve properly.
    3. Review where the links lead to make sure that content is current and all link work properly
    4. Test all registration forms with a real email address they can go through the registration process with.
    5. This test should be done on ANY form that you have on your site, on blogs, subscription places, links from social media profiles.
  5. Test all forms on the website(s)
  6. Review all social media profile or the company to make sure they are fresh, current and highlight current activities, rather than links to blog posts from years ago.
  7. LinkedIn - how does that company page look?
    1. See who is listed as a current employee of the company on LinkedIn
    2. If any are outdated, give them instructions on how to follow up to ask the former staff member to update their own profiles with the "end date" for that tenure.
    3. This may have to be escalated to HR, but at least someone can check.
  8. Clean up YouTube channel.
    1. Are all videos videos you want people to find? If not, remove them - BUT if they are embedded in a post somewhere, you'll want to edit that post.
    2. How is the welcome video and message for people who have not yet subscribed to the company channel? Perhaps it's time to freshen that up.
    3. Are all videos showing with great descriptions, keywords, annotations and ad cards? If not, you'll want to remedy that, one video at a time. Create a list of typical keywords and links you want for the cards.
    4. I've found a spreadsheet with this type of info and checklists is helpful. I used Google Drive and Sheets for my company and clients - simple collaboration.
  9. Check all review sites to make sure all reviews and comments, positive and negative, have been addressed properly.
  10. Using Google Search Console and Analytics, or whatever you use to track site traffic, journey, broken links, etc. check the INBOUND sources to your site.
    1. Does anyone stand out that you should thank, add to lists, make a fuss over? 
    2. Are there broken links coming from sites that you may want to contact them to THANK them for linking to you and ask if they would be willing to update the link. Sometimes they are not so you have to go to plan B with a list of 301 redirects you need to create so that the links will continue to work from those sites, especially if they are larger, reputable sites.

You get the idea. There are usually a ton of "back burner" types of tasks that need to be done, but never make it to the priority list. I'd love to read your suggestions if you can add to this list.

This post was inspired by Kendra Phillips, a marketing assistant for Susan Finch, and also by the members of the National REO Brokers' Association (NRBA).

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