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Agency Review: An Agency that Delivers Big Visibility for Small Businesses

250-SLMARADIO-20160929-doneSmall companies dash around seeking big agency expertise at small agency prices and usual get neither.  In this first of its kind on SLMA Radio we do an agency review and we start with that most rare of agencies, one that wants to service small businesses. In this program we review the Marketeering Group and CEO, Danny Done. The host is Jim Obermayer.
Why it's Important
A digital marketing agency that serves small businesses efficiently is vitally needed and Danny Done with the Marketeering Group has figured it out to his and their benefit.
The interview covers:
  • How Danny Done figured out how to economically serve the needs of small businesses.
  • Three tier pricing makes it affordable:  Starting at $400 a month.
  • Personal account services are part of the program.  
  • The agency has ROI reporting.
About Danny Done
Danny Done first developed the concept of Marketeering Group in 2009 while working in ad sales for local news outlets in Seattle right after college. During that time he met nearly 1000 small business owners who all shared similar frustrations and struggles with digital marketing. Based on the conversations he had with small business owners at that time, he founded Marketeering Group when he was just 24. 
He started with the concept of creating a new business model for a digital marketing agency that could help any small business at low and affordable monthly rates. Marketeering Group was officially launched in January of 2012 with the goal of being digital ambassadors for small business owners who lack the time, expertise or technology to manage their own digital marketing.
About the Marketeering Group  A NEW KIND OF AGENCY
Digital marketing is more effective when website management, content marketing, social media, seo and ads are managed by one team with a unified vision. Our packages make that affordable to small business owners.
Every package includes:
  • An assigned team with a customized strategic plan
  • The best industry software and tools
  • High quality content production, and distribution.
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