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Why Sales Managers Need to Understand the Murky World of Sales Analytics: CRM Radio

Mike Saliter Tackles the Need for Instant Business Analytics

This show covers:

  • Why sales managers need deep dive analytics to understand what is happening in the organization and the market
  • Why CRM reports are too simple and can't answer the "WHY" question 
  • How a deep dive reporting system helps sales managers understand what happened in the past and what should be done in the future
  • Why Sales manager's need to understand the journey at the point of decision which can look at many different data sources (CRM, HR, ERP, Marketing Automation, Expense Reports, etc. )
  • How visual analytics contributes to fast decisions 



6a0147e05adc32970b01bb093b9192970d-320wiIn this program on CRM Radio we interview Mike Saliter, vice president of Global Solutions for Qlik the visual analytics platform. The host is Susan Finch.

Extracting the information from many sources is the issue for many organizations, which means if it is too difficult the sales manager relies on intuition and instinct neither of which is totally reliable. Analytics, deep meaningful analytics, is the life-blood of any growing organization, but getting meaningful, actionable data for the sales manager is not an easy task. 

About Mike Saliter

Mike Saliter is Qlik’s Vice President of Global Industry Solutions. With nearly 20 years’ experience in the Business Intelligence and Analytics market, he leads Qlik’s industry and functional go-to-market initiatives.

About Qlik

Qlik® is the leading visual analytics platform and the pioneer of user-driven business intelligence. Its portfolio of cloud-based and on-premise solutions meets customers’ growing needs from reporting and self-service visual analysis to guided, embedded and custom analytics, regardless of where data is located. Customers using Qlik Sense®, QlikView® and Qlik® Cloud, gain meaning out of information from multiple sources, exploring the hidden relationships within data that lead to insights that ignite good ideas. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, Qlik does business in more than 100 countries with over 40,000 customers globally.

 About Funnel Radio

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