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Why is of the UK is Expanding into North America? Already 250K in the US, 1 MM Total

Why Expands into North America

6a0147e05adc32970b01bb0939327a970d-320wiUK Based B2B Marketing is a huge free and paid membership organization (1 Million world-wide, 250,000 in the United States) that has opened offices and hired an editorial staff to support their expanding efforts in B2B Marketing in North America. In this interview with b2b veteran Bill Furlong, the new general manager in the US, we explore the new conferences and editorial direction for the US membership. The interview covered:  
  •  Editorial Staff hiring in Chicago
  • Conferences coming to the US 
  • Why they feel there is a void in B2B marketing in North America
  • Free and paid membership model
William K. Furlong
Bill is a Serial Entrepreneur and currently serves as an Advisor, Mentor and Investor in a variety of data and b2b centric early and mid-stage companies. Currently, Bill is working with London based B2B Marketing as their GM of their newly launched USA division. He also invests and advises several b2b startups in New York and Chicago. He is Founder and CEO of SquareStack, a new SMB business applications platform. Before that, he was the SVP/ Business Development, and part of founding team of Bizo, a Business Audience Data Management Platform firm, which was acquired by LinkedIn in 2014. He built Bizo’s publisher network of over 2800 vertical industry websites, and brokered new data service agreements with Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Dow Jones, and Time Warner. In late 2014, Bizo was acquired by LinkedIn.
A graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign – Urbana’s College of Communications, he received a B.A. in Communications and minored in Political Science. He remains active in UIUC alumni association activities including the James Webb Young Trustee Board. He guest lectures at the University as well as at DePaul University, Northwestern Medill, and University of Chicago. He is also in the Chicago 16” Softball Hall of Fame, and a Second City Improvisational School Alumni.
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