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Myths about Facebook for B2B (hint leaving leads on the table): CRMRadio.today Listen while you Work!

Companies think that Facebook is only for B2C so they focus in other areas for ads like Google AdWords, Twitter, etc.   You will learn why they are leaving leads, customer relationships and advocates on the table. In this episode Danielle covers key

points and myths about B2B's perception of Facebook for Business.
  • Social media is the end of the cold call for B2B.
  • Reaching Facebook page admins, industry groups, and management with Ads.
  • Using Facebook's pixel to send follow up messages to website visitors
Danielle gives a tip for a SIMPLE, free tool from Facebook to truly track your site visitors and create campaigns directly targeted to them on Facebook.
250-CRMRadio-20160825-millerDanielle Miller, Miller Media Management
She shares, "As an EdVenture Instructor at UHMC and keynote speaker, I’ve talked with hundreds of business owners who know social media is important but aren’t sure how to use it effectively. My goal is to make social media your #1 source of website traffic while connecting you to a community of loyal supporters. I teach private workshops for companies and can meet with you for one-on-one training. Together, we’ll uncover the social media strategy that works best for your growing business.
My company, Miller Media Management, is the top-rated company specializing in social media in Maui, Hawaii. I'm the Social Media Manager for WedTech, the first-to-market wedding conference and Brio Ice Cream, a national food brand made by the co-founders of Earth’s Best baby food. 
As a marketing coach, I work with entrepreneurs just like to you to optimize, manage, and track profiles on the top social networking sites. I've designed multiple social media marketing campaigns with a track record of collecting over 5,000 new leads within the first 90 days. I have extensive experience running Facebook ads and Promoted Pin campaigns."


"My gift is new guide that shares with you some insights about Facebook Ads. I started running Facebook Ads a few years ago. Since then, I've run hundreds of campaigns and managed Facebook Ads for million dollar launches with companies like Energy Arts and Sounds True. I learned a lot along the way, and today I'm sharing some of those tips and ideas with you."
Get the Guide:

With this guide, you'll learn about 4 ads you can use to introduce your business to the people who need your products and services. Learn how to get more likes, increase reach, build your email list and get website visitors.

Wishing you a productive and profitable week! 

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