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Lena Shaw Eliminates the Mystery of ABM Database Creation: Listen While Your Work on SLMA Radio

In this program, Lena Shaw, Director of Marketing for LeadGenius describes how to solve the biggest hurdle in setting up an Account Based Marketing program: the list. 

Account Based Marketing, while no longer a subject for the niche marketer, still has its challenges to create and engage the right people.  It’s one thing to decide you can use ABM practices and tools to sell and service your account base, it’s another thing to actually create the account list.  Some marketing people say they can do it in a week or so and six months later they are still struggling to define exactly who is on the account list. The host this week is Susan Finch.

They covered: 

  • The stumbling blocks for ABM
  • How to parse and understand the historical data in your company
  • Why the human element is needed to build the database
  • Lena answers the question: Is it dumb to use your salespeople and service people to build the database?
  • Why you have to use many different departments to build the ABM list
  • What is the cost for building the database?
  • Why scooping out the project saves time and money later
  • How long does it take to build an ABM list? 
250-SLMARADIO-20160922-shawAbout Lena Shaw
Lena Shaw is the Director of Marketing and Growth at LeadGenius, a lead generation and account-based marketing (ABM) solutions company that has helped scale more than 120 growing B2B companies. Prior to LeadGenius, Lena managed social media and digital marketing efforts at Teach for America and The University of San Francisco. Connect with Lena on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.
About LeadGenius:
LeadGenius delivers a marketing and sales platform that enables B2B companies to better engage with their ideal accounts, accelerate the buying cycle, and increase revenue. The LeadGenius platform is powered by best-in-class B2B data which is continually refined through a unique combination of machine learning technology and skilled human researchers.  LeadGenius’ customers range from Fortune 500 companies such as Google and eBay, to rapidly-growing companies such as Weebly. Founded in 2011 by three U.C. Berkeley graduate students (Anand Kulkarni, Dave Rolnitzky, and Prayag Narula), LeadGenius is a fast-growing SaaS company. Connect with LeadGenius on Twitter at @LeadGenius

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