Salesforce Pardot Guide to Lead Nurturing: eBook Review: A Winner
The Must-Have Metric for Customer Success: Murphy and Gershik

CRM Radio Programs: Hear from Miller-Cheney-Walsh-Petersen-Carroll-Heinl-Dickie-Crater-Raab for at-work listeners provides an education about CRM and over-coming its complexities. 

Yes, there are myths about Facebook for Business.  Listen to some expert opinions. 

Cheney talks about the CRM future and even why Salesforce isn't for everyone. 

An end user talks about implementation and getting salespeople to buy-in.  

Salespeople deserve a fully dressed sales lead, so says Paul Petersen of Goldmine.

Love to listen to Brian Carroll: He is right on in this interview.

Blitz's Archie Heinl makes the point that its all about an automated process to close leads and boost revenue.

Jim Dickie of CSO Insights nails why CRM is changing as it fails to deliver on expectations.

What good is a CRM System if you can't get actionable data?  Listen to FUll Circle Insights' CEO Bonnie Crater explain how and why actionable data is the key to action. 

Of course, deciding on the best CRM system on the marketing is subjective, unless you ask a salesperson. 

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