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Cartoon for the Weekend: When sales calls appear to be stalled!

You have permission from the Sales Lead Management Association and the Cartoonist, Stu Heinecke to copy and distribute this cartoon as is with attribution!


It seems that only when the sales manager can travel with the sales rep will he or she  find out what's happening behind the closed door.  When asked what went on in a meeting with a prospect, the rep often casts the most positive light on the call and that's why managers have to travel with their reps.  I know a sales manager that had not left his office in five years.  The company president relied on him so much to also run operations that the manager no longer knew what was happening in the marketplace.  

Cartoon by Stu Heinecke author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, Heinecke explains how you can use your own creative Contact Campaigns to get those critical conversations.   Available from Amazon. #1 Best Seller in Direct Marketing

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