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Is marketing’s most obscene gesture a naked sales lead? Hear from Goldmine's Paul Petersen: Listen While you Work!

 What do you do with a Naked Sales Lead?

PetersenAsk a salesperson and they will tell you that the most obscene thing they receive from marketing is a Naked Sales Lead.  This is a stripped down sales lead that has nothing on it except what is mandatory and that usually doesn’t include budget, authority, need and time frame for purchase.  In this live streaming CRMRadio.Today program Paul Petersen joins us to discuss how to gain the salespeople’s undying respect by giving them what they most desire: a qualified sales lead. The host is Jim Obermayer.

 About Paul Petersen

Mr. Petersen is the general manager and vice president of the GoldMine business unit of HeatSoftware Inc. 

 About GoldMine

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA., USA, GoldMine is a division of FrontRange Solutions. GoldMine is a leading provider of mobile relationship management solutions for small businesses worldwide. Over 1 million users have selected GoldMine to help them manage over 1 billion relationships. GoldMine has been selected by businesses in more than 80 verticals and 45 countries to grow their businesses and build enduring relationships.  www.goldmine.com


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