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Implementing a New CRM program: Getting Acceptance by Sales

It’s one thing to buy a CRM system, it’s another to have the salespeople use it and accept it. In this program Michelle Walsh the senior executive sales leader for B2B Prospecting tells Jim Obermayer how she got the acceptance of the salespeople for their new CRM System. 

Walsh takes us through a step by step planned implementation that was not hurried and very methodical.  In this process she included the management team as an integral part of the on-boarding.  In this interview she discusses getting salespeople involved early and often.

 Michelle Walsh

250-CRMRadio-20160818-walshAs an industry senior executive sales leader, Michelle Walsh joined The SALT Group in November of 2015.  Her experience and excellence in driving high volume sales teams and managing large scale operations has proven to be highly successful.  She has managed 200+ sales agents, leaders and processes resulting in consistent revenue growth through various corporations, such as, The Scooter Store, Outsource Solutions Group and Lonestar Tooling Solutions.  She has been recognized for her significant accomplishments related to Achieving Financial Success, contract negotiations and has served as a United States Air Force Police Officer, specializing in Law enforcement and Investigations.

About B2B Prospecting

The B2B Prospecting Source is an outbound telemarketing organization with 80 telemarketing professionals lead by Michelle Walsh.  As our name implies, B2B provides quality appointments and sales solely to business entities.  We offer two valuable services:  1) face-to-face appointments for our clients’ outside sales force to meet with business decision-makers and 2) selling clients’ services directly to business decision-makers over the telephone.  Our services require telemarketing and sales experience across a wide spectrum for which B2B maintains a staff of professionals in continuing development and driven by a competitive, results-oriented compensation plan.  B2B’s main clients include US Tax Recovery Partners, Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems and The SALT Group.




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