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Marketing Operations Manager Salaries

Marketing operations salaries are increasing as is the popularity of the new positions popping up in large and medium sized companies.  As usual the location makes a difference and so does the experience level.  

Experience?  If its so new where do you get experience?  It could be an IT manager that wants into marketing and has been doing a lot of the software management.   It could be the CRM and Marketing Operations manager or specialist that wants more responsibility. 

We believe this job has huge potential and it will grow in stature and compensation as Marketing Ops ties all lead generation together but then again, its more than lead gen.

See the job description for the Marketing Operations Manager here


Marketing Operations Manager Salaries

Updated Aug 12, 2016      National Avg  $81,280    Min  $51K  Max  $124k

Glassdoor shows examples: 

Marketing Operations Manager

Cisco Systems

4 employee salaries

$138,819per year

Marketing Operations Manager


3 employee salaries

$67,667per year

Marketing Operations Manager

Corinthian Colleges

2 employee salaries

About$76k - $103k


Marketing Operations Salary


Average Salary $76,000

In USD as of Aug 28, 2016

Marketing Operations Managers’ pay varies depending on the size of the company.  If you have more experience and/or a higher degree, you can expect a career in a larger company and upwards of $125k yearly.  With a bachelor’s degree and only a few years’ experience, you will find an entry-level position in a smaller company for around $44k yearly.  You can also expect yearly bonuses and commission. The salary average is $77k.

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