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Sales Lead Validation Study finds 50% of Inquiries are not Leads! Ah, but 50% are!

This is a research study released by Straight North a SEO agency.  This is not a small sample study, nor are the results of minor significance.  

  • 18 Month Study
  • 373,000 inquiries
  • 237,000 phone calls
  • 23,000 not validated
  • Of the 350,000 left:
  • 178,000 were determined to be sales leads

Yes, there are more results and much to muse over.  The value is this allows marketers to predict the future. Open it up and see the results. 

I take this study to be the good news that half of all inquiries are sales leads.  The bad news is that this study makes the point that because half are not sales leads you should not choke your system with non-leads.  It is better to validate inquiries before you call them sales leads.    Not the least of which by giving salespeople validated, real leads, you use their time more wisely, reduce sales expenses, increase closure rates and this is all done in a shorter time frame.    WOW.  This is as close as a marketer can get to heaven on earth.  

The Importance of Lead Validation by Straight North, a professional SEO firm.

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