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17 Reasons why Internet Radio Provides Great Content

IStock_72101313_MEDIUMNo one can deny any longer that content is king in the business-to-business (B2B) space.  Just review the increase in editorial, the popularity of the Content Marketing Institute, and Theresa Cramer’s brand new book “Inside Content Marketing” (have your highlighter ready because you’ll need it for this work).   Cramer is the editor of EContent, an indispensable source of information on all things content related.

The question is how do you create content that is useful in the prospect’s mind, and will nudge them into making an informed decision to buy your products?

Cramer says, hire a journalist to tell you a story, and she is right.  Maybe a publicist can also be a good choice because they understand so much about the other content media choices.  Regardless, there is a race for usable content and after six years of weekly internet radio programming we believe that internet radio is one of the obvious choices for those seeking to produce authentic multiple-use content.

Whether your company executive is interviewed on an internet radio channel, or you host your own industry-specific program, internet radio programming is growing exponentially.  At-work listeners for business subjects are accepted more readily than terrestrial radio music and talk shows in most B2B companies.  Internet radio is said to be in a growing competition with terrestrial radio channels because anyone at their desk can tune into a live business talk show, or hear the program as a podcast replay on the “station,” or subscribe to the program on iTunes or Stitcher for Android.  

That all sounds great, but before I ask you to chase another shiny object and think about internet radio as a content source, let’s run down a check list of your company’s marketing goals.  Check those that apply:

  1. We want to be recognized as the expert in our industry.
  2. We need to reach a B2B audience.
  3. We like reaching millennials.
  4. We want a worldwide audience.
  5. We would like to reach buyers and users on mobile devices.
  6. We want to reach at-work listeners.
  7. We want to reach buyers with a digital message.
  8. We want others to carry our digital content on their websites.
  9. We want to reach people who have not yet identified themselves as leads with our problem-solving messages.
  10. We want our content, once created, to be used for multiple purposes such as: blogs, eBooks, articles, published hard or soft-cover books, white papers, testimonials, social media material, lead nurturing, etc.
  11. We like customer testimonials that are genuine.
  12. We want to explain our benefits in a non-sales manner.
  13. We want to reach people outside of the work environment through iTunes and Stitcher subscriptions.
  14. We want to know who hears our content.
  15. We want to demonstrate our ability to solve problems.
  16. We want to enhance our brand messaging.
  17. We want alternatives to webinars which are time consuming, expensive, and do not create marketing-qualified leads (MQLs).

If these are your content goals, I suggest that internet radio and the accessibility of podcast replays is the source to consider. 

Getting interviewed on internet radio isn’t difficult.  If you have something to say about a subject and know the program’s audience (usually a problem-solving talk show format), getting on the program is relatively easy for your public relations department . The appearance is usually free, and after the live programming links to the podcast are freely offered by the show producer (they want listeners and you can help). President Obama was interviewed in podcaster Mar Maron’s garage for an hour long interview on “WTF” and yes it stands for what you think it stands for.[i]

B2B Companies? Host Your Own Program!

In many instances you should consider creating your own internet radio program, the ultimate in authentic content.   Of course, some people create a podcast and call it radio, but we separate podcast content (basically just recorded digital content) from live programming, which then offers replays in the form of podcasts.  Live internet radio has the following in common:

  • It is broadcast live at a day and time that listeners can count on access.
  • There is a host and guests.
  • Commercial are short and usually read by the host or producer.
  • The programming is not scripted, but is an authentic discussion about technology, products, etc. Content has a homey, causal feel to it.
  • There is a higher sound quality aspect because the program is managed and produced by a studio with equipment that delivers good sound and uses a streaming service for a quality experience.

Slmaradio-1200At the Sales Lead Management Association we started producing SLMARadio in 2010.  As a weekly program, we have had 325 episodes in six years, interviewed 350+ executives, and there have been over 82,000 listeners.  In 2013 we started producing programs for companies that want their own authentic content.  MSPNow Radio by Jeanne Hopkins was launched with Nate Teplow as the host.  Leadspace Radio followed at about the same time.  SalesPipeline Radio, hosted by Matt Heinz and produced by Heinz Marketing, started in 2015. 

300-showcard-crmradioIn July, the Funnel Radio channel*will launch,  and it will be followed by more subject-specific programming in the coming months.  Each program will have a host personality and many will have a corporate sponsor.  All will have limited commercials.  The content created from these programs will have a long life reaching at work listeners and buyers when people listen live, through subscriptions, and from websites.

If you have an idea for a subject specific program, contact our producers Jim Obermayer  or Susan Finch to talk about it. Each is an expert on how to create your program and use the content.


*The Funnel Radio channel is a successor to the SLMA Live channel and is a division of the Funnel Media Group LLC TM 

[i] Chris Kornelis, The Wall Street Journal, “The Podcast Resurgence: You Definitive Listening Guide”, Aug 7, 2015

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