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BGI Business Growth Report is Bullish on 2016: White Paper Research

BGI CoverTitle:  Business Growth Index Q1 2016 

Published by/Authors:  InsideSales.com Inc.

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Gated?  Not gated.

Score:  Five out of Five

Length: 8 Pages

From the introduction of the report:

“The Business Growth Index, published by InsideSales.com Research, is a comprehensive research report that provides a regular pulse update on business sales growth, sales leader confidence, priorities and the impact of technology on sales performance. The Business Growth Index is the result of analyzing the world’s richest database of sales pipeline information, including anonymized pipeline information related to more than 5.4 million pipeline transactions. This report serves as an essential guide for business executives, senior sales leaders, sales operations professionals and anybody else who is responsible for driving profitable, predictable revenue growth. The report provides unprecedented insights into sales growth drivers and team performance, specifically measuring efficiency and output, from a variety of companies and industries. The index reveals important indicators of sales growth in the past year as well as a look forward for sales growth in 2016. Sales leaders supplemented the pipeline data by answering survey questions, providing key observations about past performance and future outlook.”

BGI-2016-infographicThe researcher analyzed pipeline data including:

  • Sales cycle length;
  • Close rate;
  • Deal size;
  • Opportunity count;
  • Pipeline size;


  • Sales managers as a group are bullish about 2016
  • XX% predict steady or accelerated growth
  • XX% year over year sales growth
  • There is a difference between male and female sales leaders (no surprize here. note: we'd like to know which gender is most likely to be more accurate on predictions and making quota).
  • Older-seasoned professional are more optimistic by 2X above other age groups
  • Software companies predict big changes in growth
  • Predictive technologies contribute to growth – double digit
  • Four technologies were quoted by sales manager’s as most relied on to help their growth.
  • Deal sizes climbed in 2015 over 2014
  • Nice chart for 2014 vs. 2015.

Note from SLMA:  Caution, sales managers are usually bullish at the beginning of most years when other business indicators are up.  If they weren’t most would be in trouble.   It is their nature to be positive.  Who needs a negative sales manager at the beginning of a year?  I have found sales managers are bullish in the board room and sleepless at night.  (JWO)

Recommended for: 

  • C-Level
  • VP Sales
  • Line Sales Managers
  • VP Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Operations
  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Content
  • MarCom

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