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Creating Revenue from Events: White Paper from Attend

Title:  The Complete Guide to Revenue Event Marketing CompleteGuideToRevenueEventMarketingCover

Published by/Authors: Attend 

Attend is A mobile app for ISO designed to help sales reps prepare for, have, and track their conversations at an event.

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Score:  4.5  out of 5

Length: 24 Pages


This paper defines Revenue Event Marketing as “a new approach that focuses on helping businesses build and accelerate pipelines to drive more revenue though in-person events.”

The SLMA editors believe this is a convincing argument to approach live in-person events in a more serious manner with a revenue outcome in mind.
  • Why Face to Face matters
  • $100B on events in 2015
  • 30-39% of a marketing budget
  • Definition of Revenue Event Marketing
  • The Three Pillars of Revenue Event Marketing
    • Get the right person in the room
    • Maximize in-person interaction
    • Drive follow-up and track revenue
  • 64% of marketers spend 20% or more of their budget on events
  • Event marketing has the highest percentage of success in targeting C-Suite decision makers
  • A list of the most influential B2B marketing activities (11)
  • Quote from Forrester Research: "40% of businesses are cutting back on larger sponsored events in favor of targeted gatherings…"
  • Revenue Generating Events a basic list.
  • Chart for the % Average of ROI for Events

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