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Automation is Necessary for Successful Cold Calling: White Paper

  5 Ways to Automate the Cold Call Process

Slma-recommended-187Published by/Authors: VanillaSoft

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Score:  Five out of Five    SLMA Recommended Reading

Length: 7 Pages


Why it's Important

VanillaSoft teaches us that cold-calling is not dead and it is not a beginner's activity.  Only experienced salespeople will be successful and those who will be most successful will have  tools for  calling, emailing, workflow and process automation. 

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Cold calling is not dead, but  it is often a beginner's activity, which is probably why it gets such a bad

rap. Inexperienced management assigns inexperienced salespeople to cold calling with no tools but a phone and when results are trash say, "Cold calling doesn't work for us."  As VanillaSoft teaches us in this paper, the opportunity losses with this tactic are enormous. 

Highlights of the paper:

  • Not Gated information - Download as a PDF
  • Seven Chapters
  • Problem/Solution format (nice)
  • The paper looks at 5 areas:
    • Call Automation
    • Email Automation
    • Workflow Automation
    • Process Automation
    • Performance Insight
  • Based on Stats:
    • The Average Sales Rep makes only 8 dials per hour
    • Only 2% of the cold calls result in an appointment
    • 15% of the sales rep’s time is leaving voice mail
    • 71% of the reps say they spend too much time on data entry.
  • This is a purely numbers game by experienced reps
  • VanillaSoft makes the point that automation is the way to reduce the repetitiveness of cold calling while improving productivity.
  • Email Automation stats are stunning.
  • Workflow stats:
    • Only 33% of an inside sales reps time is spent selling
    • 40% of the reps give up after the first call
    • 80% of the sales require 5 follow-up calls.

If cold-calling is part of your business plan, this is the paper to read.

234x60-join-slma-21careerbenefitsRecommended for: 

  • C-Level
  • VP Sales
  • VP Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Lead Generation

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