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Manual on Marketing Automation: Lead MD White Paper

Lead MD CoverReal Title:  The Super Awesome, Total Wicked Definitive Manual of Marketing Automation

Published by: LeadMD

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Author:  Justin Gray +

Score:  4.8 

Length: 28 pages


 The essential messages:

"Software is shiny, but process shines."

"There is no magical lead machine."

Excellent read.  Great background.  In spite of the title there is meat here.  LeadMD speaks with some authority, having reviewed and worked on 2600+ installations of Marketo.   They say 85% of the implementations were unprepared for what marketing automation needs to thrive and provide an ROI.  One of the true statements is that in the marketing world it comes down to a combination of skills and assets.

They promise to build processes to measure campaign success.   We believe them.

Six Sections:

  1. The Buyers Journey: reviewing your current customer conversations. What is the customer saying about you?   What processes (CRM?) are broken?  TOFU>MOFU>BOFU.     How do your conversations align with the customer’s?
  2. Building Buyer Personas: Pain vs. Trust. Bringing personas to life.
  3. The Mega Content Combo” As they say, laborious but essential. Weeding out unqualified leads.
  4. KPI’s: measuring yourself against value and revenue potential of its results. Bench marketing.   Pipeline alignment
  5. Automaton Domination: What action causes this reaction?
  6. Bench Marking 
  7. Final thoughts: Developing a center of excellence

Recommended for: 

  • VP Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Operations
  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Content
  • MarCom

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