From Scott Brinker: 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic
“20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management” Winners Announced

Cartoon for the weekend: Let's Change the Way We Think




  This cartoon is one of many that appear in Stu Heinecke'snew book, "How to Get a Meeting with Anyone."

Changing the way we think is marketing's number one challenge as the tumultuous field of marketing roars into 2016 with the pace of new marketing tools accelerating exponentially.  For instance see

Scott Brinker’s ( Technology Landscape Super Graphic for 2016 with 3874 marketing technology products that can be used by marketers. In 2011 Scott identified 150 companies as marketing technology providers and now it’s pushed past 3874. 

Why it's Important:

"If new thinking isn’t a way of thinking in marketing, the hot-shots of today will be the no-shots of tomorrow."

Sales Lead Management Association 

In How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, Heinecke explains how you can use your own creative Contact Campaigns to get those critical conversations. He divulges methods he’s developed after years of experience and from studying the secrets of others who’ve had similar breakthrough results—results that other marketers considered impossible, with response rates as high as 100 percent.

Stu has been the SLMA's Humor Relations Contributor for four years.

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