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Top Ten Marketing Automation Comparison: Research

Top-10-marketingResearch: Top 10 Marketing Automation Software Report

Sub Title:  Comparison of the Leads Marketing Automation Software Vendors

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SLMA SCORE: Four out of Five

Reason: Easy to read.  Consistent from year to year.  Includes price.   Includes Links.   But too few companies reviewed.  For instance the CRM Review has 40 companies.  

Length:  Five Pages


Review the Top 10 Marketing Automation companies to compare features, pricing and delivery models.


Marketing Automation is an over-night success after being introduced 15 + years ago.  Administration

of the software which has been a stumbling block until the last few years has become easier to use for the average, almost non-technical marketer.  The rise of marketing operations departments has helped in the adoption.  There are many more providers than the top ten listed in this report, but it is a good start in looking at what each offers and comparing it to your own needs.
  • Each company is listed with:
    • Logo
    • Link
    • Cost projection in dollars from two $$ to four $$$$
    • Select Customer list
    • Key features:
      1. SaaS Platform
      2. SaaS & On-Premise
      3. A/B Landing Pages
      4. Social Media Marketing
      5. Mobile Marketing
      6. On-Premise Platform
      7. Email marketing
      8. Campaign & Lead Management
      9. Content I( SEO Tools
      10. Analytics
    • Key Features: 6-12 bullets per software
    • Companies listed:
      1. Marketo $$$  Hi-Spot: Maps Marketing ROI
      2. Oracle $$$$ Hi- Spot: Health of Marketing Database
      3. Hubspot $$  Hi-Spots: Lead Intelligence and ROI
      4. Salesforce $$$ Hi-Spots: Collect Explicit and Implicit behavior; engages in Two Way Mobile Communications
      5. Infor $$$$ Hi-Spots: Customer spending history; Feld Service and Partner Mgmt.
      6. Sitecore $$$$ Hi-Spot: Creates personalized offers based on visitor activity
      7. Adobe $$$ Hi-Spots: Handles all web and mobile assets; A/B multivariate testing
      8. Act-On $$ Hi-Spot: Measures performance in real time
      9. Teradata $$$ Hi-Spots: Planning and spending manager; Predictive and big data analytics
      10. IBM $$$$ Hi-Spot: Third-party app integration
      11. Related Software Solution: Oxacyon

Note:  This is a good jumping off point for evaluating other software in the space,  The additional features list is useful to circle what you want regardless of vendor and see who has your list by visiting their site.

Recommended for: CMO, General Marketing Management

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Disclaimer:  This review was conducted independently without the advice or consent of the publisher.    

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