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Bonnie Crater CEO of Full Circle Insights on Women in Sales Lead Management

The 63 Women to Watch in Management

These are the 63 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management since 2011!

Each year the SLMA has asked for nominations for the women to watch in sales lead management.  

Of the hundreds of nominations these 63 have been named as women to watch (since 2011) as the most accomplished. They speak and write, lead and follow.  They sit on boards, contribute with leadership to non-profits and create wealth for those that are lucky enough to work with and for them.

 Amanda Wilson - Angela Nadeau - Anna Fisher - Annecke Seley - Ardath Arbee -Barbara Morris - Beki Scarbrough - Bonnie Crater - Carrie Surprenant - Cheryl Harding  - Chrsitine Crandell - Debbie Qaqish - Debra da Costa - Devon McDonald - Diane Mayer - Elle Woulfe - Ellie Mirman - Erika Goldwater - Erika Stritch - Genie Parker  - Hila Nir - Janelle Johnson - Janet Lee - Jeanne Hopkins - Jennifer Horton - Jenny Vance - Jill Konrath - Jill Rowley - Jocelyn King - Karen Seehey - Karla Blalock - Kathy Sacks - Kristin Connell - Kristin Hambelton - Laura McGuire - Laura Patterson   - Laurie Page - Lisa Arthur - Lisa Cramer - Liz McClellan - Liz Sophia (McClellan) - Lori Richardson - Mandy Hauck- Marge Bieler  - Margery Murphy - Mari Anne Vanella - Maria Pergolino - Marilyn Cox - Mary Dedrick - Nancy Nardin - Patricia McLoughlin - Pelin Wood Thorogood - Rhoan Morgan - Rhonda Wunderlin - Robyn Davis - Ruth Stevens - Simone Nabers - Tanya Signa - Tonnia Strand - Traci Whetzel  - Trish Bertuzzi -Trish Lessard

The SLMA is now taking nominations for the 2016 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management.

Please nominate someone who inspires you, leads or follows, writes and speaks and walks the talk in sales lead management. 



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