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How to Implement Sales Lead Automation & Double Sales in 30 Days by Gabe Buck. Listen While You Work!

This is a fascinating interview with Gabe Buck, CEO of Clickpoint.   Gabe makes some very bold statements about how to:

  • Filter the sales leads to avoid non-buyers through sales lead automation
  • Double sales in 30 days
  • Implement a “pull-based” system of lead management for inside sales departments.
  • Create a competitive environment within the sales department based on speed
  • How to follow-up sales leads at the right time.
  • Why giving the entire inside sales team access to raw sales leads is a pathway to faster success.


What is sales lead automation? Of course there is marketing automation and sales force automation, but sales lead automation? In this interview Gabe Buck, CEO and Founder of ClickPoint Software describes what sales lead automation is and what it can do to deliver more “A” quality leads. Mr. Buck discusses his approach that simultaneously delivers leads to field sales teams, call centers, franchisees, and lead buyers. He'll talk about how proper lead filtering can increase lead quality and delete up to 27% of the leads that are “bad.”

About Gabe Buck

Gabe Buck is a technology entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience including building bootstrapped companies to scale, product development, marketing, business operations, and strategy. Mr. Buck founded ClickPoint Software in 2007 with a simple mission: help marketers, call centers, and sales teams improve results from their leads and contacts. While serving as a VP of sales for an ad agency Gabe Buck worked with a lot of companies in the financial sector that failed at managing leads. He found that there were very poor processes in place and he saw a tremendous amount of revenue being left on the floor. Buck knew the right process combined with easy to use software could improve revenue from leads.

About Clickpoint Software

Accelerate Sales and Win More Deals Founded in 2007 and located in Scottsdale, Arizona, ClickPoint serves both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. ClickPoint was born out of a desire to help companies tackle the big problem of managing leads and sales teams effectively. We found many companies using CRM suites did not do a good job of integrating sales and marketing. Instead, we saw many companies integrating them in a linear fashion. We could see that companies were missing out on a tremendous amount of potential customers due to a lack of insight into lead quality, lead performance, contact to close rates, and real-time sales performance. Today ClickPoint works to help companies implement Lead Management Automation.

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