Cartoon for the Weekend From Stu Heinecke - Do you want your salespeople hanging out in elevators?
Get Better Leads: A White Paper

How a Personal Sales Assistant App Increases Sales Using Humor. Listen While You Work!

250-SLMARADIO-honigAdam Honig, CEO and Founder of Spiro Technologies shares with SLMA host Jim Obermayer how an app for iPhone and Android users powers a humorous personal sales assistance program to motivate sales reps and help them with their everyday work.  Click and your'll hear: 

  • How salespeople respond to humor and produce more. 
  • Why the reps won't miss follow-up activities.
  • How the application on their phone will prioritize activities and help them sell more. 
  • How 3500 jokes and 7 different personalities within the application helps salespeople smile and dial. 

234x60-join-slma-21careerbenefits "A sales representatives day is filled with tight schedules, tension, pressure to perform, calls, call-backs, new lead follow-up, old lead follow-up, an aggravating sales manager, customer complaints, emails, presentations and oh yes an occasional appointment  and stupid stuff the corporate office layers in just for fun.  All of this makes it difficult to keep track of the most important part: new business activities.

The Selling Power President's Club powered by Spiro

Being eligible for the President's Club is super easy: you need to be one of the first 2,000 salespeople to download and use Spiro, our personal sales assistant. Don't worry, if you're one of the legendary salespeople already using Spiro, you can update it to the most current version and opt into the President's Club.

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