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White Paper: ROI of a Web-To-Print Solution

CWPTitle:  How to measure the Value of a Web-To-Print Solution

Published by: Colorwebprinters 

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Author: G. David Dodd

Contact:  Mark McIntosh W: 888-265-1511    mark.mcintosh@colorwebprinters.com

Length: 9 Pages


  • Why web-to-print makes good financial sense
  • The two types of benefits and how the value is determined
  • How to calculate the ROI of a web-to-print solution

The author goes over the requirements to make a system work:

  • A central repository that contains digital versions of the printed materials that a company uses
  • An online catalog containing images of those printed materials
  • A secure online ordering system that enables authorized users to order printed materials from any computer with an Internet connection
  • A customization engine that enables users to modify printed materials in authorized ways
  • Manufacturing capabilities that can produce most printed materials on an as-ordered basis
  • Warehousing, kitting, and fulfillment services
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Dodd discusses the life cycle of printed materials, supply chain efficiency benefits, processing and fulfillment costs.  He makes a case for improving revenue that is worth reading.

What I liked, however, is the ROI of Web-To-Print.  The author makes a strong argument with a simple formula.   I like anyone and any paper/book  that openly discusses ROI up-front.  

Recommended for: Marketing Management, CFO, Fulfillment Management

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Disclaimer:  This review was conducted independently without the advice or consent of the publisher.    

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