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Rain Group White Paper: How to Increase Win Rates in 2016 - Significant Research


Published by:  Rain Group Center for Sales Research

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Authors: Mike Schultz and John Doerr

Contact: Mike Schultz 508.405.0438 

Length: 20 Pages


  • Top-Performing Sales Organizations have win rates of 62%
    • Winners have mature sales processes
    • Winners exhibit high sales skills performance in 9 areas
    • Winners are better at following through and achieving priorities
  • Lower performing organizations are 22% lower at 40% win rates
  • 24 charts show varying research performance information for winning organization and losers.

This report looks at what separates top performers from losers (my words). 

  • Win rates – 4 charts
  • Setting challenging targets – 3 charts
  • Value Driving Performance – 8 charts including sales training
  • Page 13 About becoming a high performer
  • Nine comparisons of skills levels between elite performers, top performers and the losers (again losers is my term)

A lot of time is spent on sales training and increasing skills levels and the results. Figure 22 shows that sales reps who feel confident in their skills and feel like the organization is investing in them do better when judging the effectiveness of the training they are getting.

Note: If you want the full research report, not just the white paper you will have to be a Rain Group Client or agree to join their research panelist group.   If you qualify to join the group the information should be invaluable.

Recommended for: VP of Sales, CSO, Sales Managers, CFO (just because), and Presidents who don’t believe the sales manager is performing, and consultants.

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