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10 Most Popular 2015 Sales Lead Management Radio Progams

SLMA Radio, a popular program on the SLMA Live Channel for at-work listeners produced by the Sales Lead Management Association, announced its annual list of the ten most popular radio programs for 2015.    The long-running SLMA Radio, now in its sixth year, is one of seven programs offered by the SLMA Live Channel.  These programs are available to non-members and members; joining is free.   

CRMs Shouldn’t Be the Leaders in Technology.  

Guest: Paul Petersen, VP GoldMine Software

How to Decide if Outsourcing Inside Sales is Right for Your Company. 

Guest: Jeff Feuer, Customer Solutions Group

90 Days to Increase Sales 30% - Show Me!

Guest: Mick Hollison, CMO – Inside Sales

How Branding impacts Tele-prospecting and Lead Generation.

Guest: Michael Falkson, CEO - eti Sales Support

How does iContact Pro measure marketing program success? 

Guest: Geoff Alexander, President - iContact

Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers

Guest: Ruth P. Stevens, Author Consultant

Five Ways to Increase Qualified Leads from Trade Shows by 300%.

Guest: Victor Kippes, President - Validar

Recruiting & Retention: Why Would They Come and Stay?

Guest; Jaysen Greenleaf, VP Business Development - RIO Genesis

How Artificial Intelligence, Applied to Lead Management, Finds Hot Leads.

Guests: Alex Terry, CEO and Carl Landers, VP and CMO Conversica

Marketing’s Role is to “Follow the Money”.  

Guest: Paul Petersen, VP GoldMine Software

 Paul Petersen, VP of GoldMine Software (guest for two of the most-listened-to shows) comments, “We were honored to be asked to discuss what is apparently a hot topic. The interest in CRM is high and the good news is that you have lots of choices and ways to get started and to plan next phases – keep an eye on the benefits and get started no matter what.”

 “Sales and marketing leaders at the world’s top companies know that accelerating revenue is more math than magic,” said Mick Hollison, chief marketing officer at “I was delighted to share how sales organizations can leverage data science to dramatically increase results on the SLMA Radio show.”

SLMA Radio’s audience reached 74,717 as of January 6, 2016.    The program boasts 299 episodes since its inaugural program on July 28, 2015. SLMA Radio is one of seven programs produced or distributed through the SLMA Live Channel, which has a listener audience of 259,000.

 About the Sales Lead Management Association

The Sales Lead Management Association membership believes that if companies manage sales leads, they’ll manage sales revenue and marketing budgets.  The SLMA has 9,200 worldwide members, and its website includes 300-plus articles from 60 industry authors.  Activities throughout the year include an active ‘opinionated’ blog, recognition award programs for the ‘20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management,’ and the ‘40 Most Inspirational Leaders in Sales Lead Management.’ The SLMALive Radio Channel, offering seven marketing and sales shows for at-work listeners, has an audience of 259,000 (from all shows).   Lead generation sponsorship programs are available.  For more information about SLMA call Sue Campanale at (360) 933-1259.                                                                          # # #

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