Ten Inspirational Leaders in Lead Generation
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10 Inspirational Leaders in Software and Web Applications

In many cases these are the most vocal and often times the most inspirational leaders in the sales lead management community.  Maybe it's because they have the most to win by being speakers and teachers, book authors and  bloggers.    

Maybe  it's the nature of their profession that they inquire and search for truths in sales lead management.   The word inspiration comes from the Latin word "inspirare" which means "to breath into"  to "excite" and "inflame." Regardless, we are pleased with their contributions and we expect that they will continue to inflame, excite and inspire us all,  because of all people they know sales lead management is revenue management.   Tweet-winners-software-all

Software and Web Application Company Professionals (as those companies pertain to sales lead management).  (See a video of the Software and Web Applications winners here.)

 Why it Matters:

Sales lead management, in all of its permeation's

is revenue management.

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