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Is Marketing Automation Leading or Bleeding Edge? Listen While You Work!

In this interview with Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD we discuss how to avoid being part of the 87% of marketing automation users who fail. The host this week is Susan Finch.   Lively program, great insight. 

It’s one thing to buy a marketing automation tool and install it. Its another thing to use it every day to manage and nurture, your most precious asset: sales leads. And yet some would say that this leading edge technology could be aptly named bleeding edge because of the effort it extracts from the users to make it work.

Justin Gray , CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist

You might know Justin from the incredible amounts of quality best practices content

LeadMD churns out on a monthly basis. You might say he drank the content marketing Kool-aid. You might also say he spiked it with Everclear and slept behind a Walgreens last night. Justin founded LeadMD with the vision of being a little different, the dream of igniting a fire around marketing, fueled by “doing”. The result is a true Marketing-as-a-Service offering, which has become the benchmark of excellence and a Preferred Service Partner for both Marketo and Mr.Gray has emerged as a strong voice for demand generation, value-based marketing and conversational best practices. As a recognized speaker,Justin has been published over 250 times in industry publications. Meanwhile, his Blog, The Marketing Evangelist is one of the top marketing blogs in the marketing automation the space.

Company Twitter:@myleadmd

Personal Twitter:@jgraymatter


About LeadMD

LeadMD is a full-service marketing and sales consulting firm specializing in conversational marketing and revenue performance management. With deep expertise in Marketo, and respective integration, LeadMD helps businesses make sense out of marketing automation and increase revenue by developing, streamlining, and maximizing any lead generation program. For more information, visit


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