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White Paper: Millennial Exhibit Staff People are Different (and interesting)!

Matt-hillWhite Paper: Millennial Exhibit Staff People are Different (and interesting)!

Title and Link: Working with your Millennial Exhibit Staff

SLMA Score:  Five of Five.  Compact at four pages but loaded with a to-do list.  Not self-serving.  

Published by: Hill Group

Author: Matthew Hill

Length: 4 tight, bullet packed pages

Highlights: Matt Hill writes about:

  • Take Advantage of Their Strengths
    • Collaboration
    • Technology
    • Multitasking
    • Challenge Them
    • Understand and Manage Their Weaknesses
    • Communication Tips for Trade Show Managers
    • Recruiting Millennials for Your Exhibit Staff
    • Traits to Look For
    • Before the Show
    • During the Show
    • After the Show

Nice roadmap for managing a trade show booth and its millennial people.  Considering trade shows

Recommended for: Marketing Management, Trade Show Managers, Sales Managers.

Download Link

Disclaimer:  This review was conducted independently without the advice or consent of the publisher.    Matt Hill is on the Sales Lead Management Association Board of Advisors.   Jim Obermayer the SLMA founder has occasionally been a presenter and coach for the Hill Group’s clients.

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