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The 7 Most Important Words that a CEO Can Say!

The seven most important words that a CEO can say is, "Follow-up 100% on all sales leads!"

Some of the highlights included:

Sales, the prospecting is fundamentally a marketing activity, right. If you have your salespeople out marketing, they're trying to create interest in the product.

That's a marketing – you're only doing that because – hopefully you're only doing that because you're not getting a substantial enough flow of leads into the – good quality leads into the company. So you're doing it by necessity.

They've gotta follow up leads, they've gotta make quota and they've gotta fill out their expense reports. And only two of those are really mandatory. The third one – the first one, if you have 100 percent follow up of the sales leads you'll be doing three to four times better than your competitors. Who's going to win?

...They were not following up their sales leads. The CEO thought his problem was he wasn't generating enough leads. And the fact of it is he was. The ones he was generating just weren't being followed up.So I said, "Here, I can change that for you in five minutes." And so what I said is, "You know, here's our process. Here are the leads

that are being input into the CRM system and they're being allocated to the reps by territory." I said, "The missing piece" – so I turned to the CEO, and this was a company $120 million a year in sales, and I said, "Here's the missing piece. What you're gonna do every day at 4:30, you're gonna log onto your CRM system and just check to make sure all the leads are followed up."

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