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During this celebration of Sales Lead Management Week, we offer one of our best listened to shows: Richard Brock of Leadlife.  Richard Brock, who many say is the founder of customer relationship management and consequently modern sales lead management  tackled the difficult subject of why lead management continues to be a failure at so many companies. Why do they think that by just putting in a software product they will instantly increase sales?
 About Richard Brock 
Richard Brock is a tech-savvy, entrepreneurial software development professional with over 30
Richard pioneered the Sales Force Automation space by starting Brock Control Systems (Firstwave Technologies), which became the leading provider of web-based Customer Relationship Management applications. 
About SalesTalk

SalesTalk is a sales tool that offers companies sales acceleration through automation and enabling the sales process. How exactly does SalesTalk accomplish this? SalesTalk provides you with multiple tools to help you through every step of the sales process. And when we say every step of the sales process, we mean it.

“SalesTalk assists you from when you first filter a lead into your database, to turning that lead into a marketing qualified lead, all the way through closing that sale. Both with our application and with personal assistance from client success managers.”

You won’t find any tickets on our website. What you will find is a direct communication line with your personal client success manager. We invest in your future as we want you to love our SalesTalk as much as we do. We help you customize the software to your sales process and we continue to assist you with FREE technical support.


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