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Dispelling Myths about Millennials: Why would they come and stay?

Susan Finch SLMA Radio Host and her Guest, Jaysen Greenleaf, VP of Business Development at RIO Genesis Software discussed both sides of recruiting great talent for your team and retaining them. They also dispelled myths about millennials, including thinking they are job hoppers.

 In the first half of the show they discussed preparing for growth, where to find the talent and the value that younger team members can bring, especially fresh from college or another industry. They are a clean, tech-savvy, educated slate with strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Keeping people was the subject of the second half of the show.; specifically ways to KEEP them after you get them to your company. This includes the importance of weekly meetings, breaks from the office to change the scene and allow those in other departments to get to know each other. It's an enjoyable show. 

 About Jaysen Greenleaf

Jaysen Greenleaf joined RIO Genesis from Phoenix Asset Management, where he had worked for seven years. After starting his career at Phoenix as an asset manager, Mr. Greenleaf was steadily promoted throughout his time with the company. After two successful years as an asset manager, Jaysen was promoted to a client team lead position and managed multiple clients for Phoenix. Four and a half years ago, he was promoted to Director of Client Relations and Business Development, where he managed new client development while also managing existing client partnerships.



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