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Listen While You Work: Matt Heinz on Contact Marketing and Rapid B2B Growth

Contact Marketing is a show offered on the SLMA Live Network at 10 AM each Thursday.  Broadcast live it is hosted by Stu Heinecke of Contact Marketing.Agency

Nationally recognized blogger, marketer and prolific author Matt Heinz knows what it takes to get businesses on the path to rapid, sustainable growth. In this session, he shares his secrets and talks Contact Marketing with How to Get a Meeting author and host Stu Heinecke.


Matt Heinz answers the show's benchmark question: "When you absolutely must break through to someone of great importance, someone who is impossible to reach, how do you do it?"

A few other comments:

  • How do you fish with spears rather than nets?
  • Sales opportunities don't make you money, only deals make you money
  • Matt Heinz' favorite productivity tools
  • Tools don't help you unless you have stories (Matt's father's philosophy) 
  • Why an assistant is your key person to talk to your prospect

Listen while you work...Hear Matt Heinz and Stu Heinecke!



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